Automated parcel sorting system for Temashop

Efficient parcel sorting with compact system

At Ferrum Group, we have developed a compact and efficient parcel sorting system that can be used and add value in companies and industries of all sizes. The film shows a system delivered to, an e-commerce company handling many daily parcels for consumers buying costumes and costume items on Temashop’s large online shop. The system handles large and small parcels, envelopes, foil bags, etc. and has significantly streamlined parcel sorting at Temashop.

Increased efficiency for webshops and carriers

Our parcel sorting system ensures an easy and efficient total solution. The system is relevant for webshops that channel parcels to several carriers, among others. It is also useful for carriers with need for automated sorting by postcode etc. The parcel sorting system includes the SICK barcode system and PLC for parcel tracking.

Easy operation and space-saving layout

The Temashop facility occupies approximately 200 m2 including the operating area. In addition to lanes, the facility also contains several ejection modules for products with 8 fractions and 1 ‘unread product’. In addition, there are 9 sliders for products made of AISI 304 stainless steel, including freezer rolls.

Capacity-wise, the plant supports efficient sorting of 1,000 packages per hour. It can be expanded with measuring and weighing functions as well as with the possibility to send data to your own ERP system for correct settlement of transportation costs. The system is easy to operate with a clear 9″ touch screen and control panel. Sorting keys can also be easily changed by uploading data directly from spreadsheets, XML, CSV. The parcel sorter has obtained CE mark.

Economical and efficient parcel sorting

Benefit from the advantages of our automatic parcel sorting system:

  • Easy operation
  • Efficient and fast sorting of parcels without the need for additional manpower
  • SICK barcode system / label scanning
  • PLC parcel tracking

Contact us for more information about our parcel sorting system and how it can be an efficient and economic advantage for your company.


Carsten Jørgensen is Ferrum Group’s robotics and automation experts. Over the years, Carsten has successfully completed numerous robotics and automation projects for Danish and foreign companies. Let’s talk about the possibilities for optimizing the parcel sorting in your company. Read more about our End of Line solutions here.

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