Innovative robotic technology

Megatrends such as globalization and digitalization are rapidly changing the world. These changes affect us all, and at Ferrum, it is a driving force for us to be part of creating innovative solutions that automate and streamline tomorrow’s production. A significant focus area in this regard is robot technology. We develop automation solutions built around all types of robots, whether they are traditional 4- and 6-axis industrial robots that assist with heavy lifting and repetitive tasks, smaller articulated robots that are easy to program, intelligent robots that can collaborate with humans, or mobile AGVs.

The development in robot technology is accelerating rapidly in recent years, and at Ferrum, we aim to stay up to date with these advancements. We owe it to our customers. Therefore, we have chosen to be supplier-independent when it comes to types and brands of robots.

As a result, we can offer robot solutions for automating various processes and gladly deliver a complete robot cell with everything it entails, including HMI, transport equipment, robot tools, and safety measures.

There are many arguments in favor of using robots, especially in these times when the trend is moving towards smaller batch sizes and, thus, a growing need for flexible processes. Quality remains an important competitive parameter, and many industrial companies still have unwanted manual processes that can lead to employee wear and tear. Regardless of the motivations, we can help you put together a future-proof robot solution.

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Carsten Jørgensen is our robotics and automation expert with extensive experience in developing and implementing robotic, automation and optimization projects.

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