Development of intelligent controls

Intelligent controls in production are implemented to create optimal conditions for operation and maintenance. The goal is increased productivity, and this is where Ferrum comes into the picture. We consider it our primary task to help our customers produce more efficiently, more flexibly, and more safely.

By using industrial control systems and control units such as PLC, SCADA, servo, frequency converters, and other programmable devices, we essentially add further intelligence to your production machinery. Whether it’s intelligent controls for a single machine or a complete automation system for an entire production line, we ensure that you, as a production manager, achieve your goals in terms of productivity, traceability, and quality.

IT has become an integral part of modern production lines, where lots of equipment and machines can now connect directly to the internet. This creates a need for increased IT security but also new possibilities for remote control and monitoring via mobile phones and tablets. Ferrum has partnered with the IT company Zantio, which specializes in network and IT security.


Carsten Jørgensen is our robotics and automation expert with extensive experience in developing and implementing robotic, automation and optimization projects.

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