Development of user-friendly HMI & SCADA

As the ability to actively use data in the production environment becomes an increasingly important competitive factor, the opportunity to exploit real-time information creates more and more value for the modern industrial company. The value manifests itself in more efficient processes, increased profitability, greater reliability, improved safety, increased flexibility, and higher equipment and asset uptime.

In the digital age, which has already made its clear entry into many Scandinavian manufacturing companies, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) continues as a platform for data collection and information exchange with the company’s other control layers. We see more and more examples of SCADA being used as a gateway to the company’s ERP solution.

SCADA also functions as an important decision-making tool for production management, enabling them to examine history, real-time data, customized KPI analyses, workflows related to planning, maintenance, and asset management.

Our SCADA programmers design interfaces that meet your specific monitoring and on-the-fly analysis needs. We create layouts and data flows that are approved by you as a customer before we start.

In addition to SCADA interfaces, we provide operator panels for machines and equipment. The development of user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) is one of our absolute strengths. All our automation technicians have worked on the production floor, where they have seen firsthand the importance of having clear and logical control panels that can be easily operated by all professional groups.


Carsten Jørgensen is our robotics and automation expert with extensive experience in developing and implementing robotic, automation and optimization projects.

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